Twinsun Café
Twinsun Cafe Outside

Located in:Funky-Town
Island:Tipett Island
Appears in:LBA

Twinsun Café is a bar located in Funky-Town, in Tipett Island, next to Swindler street. The door to it is locked.

The bar has a dance floor usually crowded by Twinsunians and clones, and a stage where music bands can perform. The crowd cheers at the band even if they don't play anything. Behind the bar, there is a secret passage that leads to the top of the island.


Grobo muggers
Outside the entrance there are two Grobos (one a Groboclone) who are muggers. However they will flee if Twinsen attacks them. If he manages to kill them before they run away, they will leave 20 kashes and 2 Clover Leaves.
Grobo bartender
He worries about the atmosphere of his joint and asks Twinsen to improve it. When he does, the bartender opens the passage to Dino-Fly street and the top of the island.
Disco Rabibunny
He adores the band on the stage but finds too bad that they don't play anything.
Rabibunny Singer
The guitarist of the band, has no guitar of his own and asks Twinsen to find one for him.


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