Twinsonian Souvenir Shop Outside

The twinsonian souvenir shop is a shop in middle city of Otringal, where people can buy Twinsun related objects. The owner seems to be a dissident, since the secret dissident meetings take place in the shops basement.

Twinsen can buy hearts, magic powder, Nitro-meca-penguins, and the memory viewer if he hasn't picked it up in Baldino's house, and can also sell some of his items to the owner.

Also, when he talks to Johnny Rocket, he tells him to go to a meeting and gives Twinsen the ring of the dissidents. Twinsen goes to the shop and shows the ring to the owner, who opens a secret door behind a bookshelf, that leads to the basement, where the meeting takes place. In the meeting, the dissidents ressolve that the best course of action for Twinsen is to go to the Island of the Mosquibees and talk to Queen Astrid. They also give him the laser pistol of Zarnon.

After returning from Island CX, if Twinsen goes to the shop, he will find that there is an impostor in the place of the owner, who will call the police if he shows him the dissident ring. It seems that the spies of the SBI who listened his conversation with Jonnhy Rocket in the Imperial hotel from the next room, found out about the meetings and raided the place. Twinsen can kill the police and fake owner, and take all the objects for free.

Saleable ItemsEdit


  • In the basement of the shop, there are a lot of huge objects. If Twinsen asks about them, one of the dissidents tells him that someone found them drifting in space, and that they suposedly come from a very distant garbage can planet. This seems to be a reference to earth since the all objects seem to be from our planet.


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