Umbrella Thief
Character Umbrella Thief

Island:Citadel Island
Family:Mrs. Brune (mother)
Mrs. Brune's Daughter (sister)
Appears in:LBA2

The umbrella thief is a Rabibunny that lives in Citadel Island, who's name is not known. He is the son of Mrs. Brune and brother of one of the kids at school.

When Twinsen asks for a cure for the injured Dino-Fly in the pharmacy, this thief enters the building silently and quickly steals an umbrella that belongs to Leoneand runs away. Twinsen then makes an agreement with Leone to recover her umbrella. Every time Twinsen approaches the Umbrella Thief he runs away, unless he approaches him from behind and in discreet behavior. When he surprises the thief, he only needs to ask for the umbrella to get it.


If Twinsen hits the thief's sister (the rabibunny kid) at the school, he will be waiting outside of the place, and he will hit Twinsen.

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