Item Zlitos

Zlitos are the exchange currency of Zeelich. They can be traded for articles, and sometimes they can be found in rubish cans, plants, etc.

There are also two big sources of zlitos. One is the Casino Gloum, in Otringal, where one can win them by betting on different games. The other is by robbing the Building Company in the Island of the Wannies. To do this, Twinsen has to fin the CEO of the company and hit him, this will make him drop the key to the safe, in which there are 250 zlitos.

While Twinsen is in Twinsun, his zlitos turn into an item in his inventory.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"It is the exchange currency of planet Zeelich. With it, you can buy the articles you are interested in on planet Zeelich."



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