Zoe's diary
Zoe's diary lies open in the dining room of Twinsen's house in LBA2. Twinsen can read a passage in it, in which Zoé narrates the adventures of Twinsen through LBA.


"Zoé's diary*

Dear diary: Today, I tell you the story of the adventure that I had with Twinsen under the dictatorship of Dr. FunFrock:

It was long, long ago. This Dr. FunFrock, a quetch, was oppressing the populace with terrible violence thanks to the techniques of cloning and mutation, but mostly through his mastery of teleportation. His power dominated everyone! He even had the northern hemisphere evacuated in order to execute his plan. This plan consisted of a gigantic drilling operation aimed at reaching the heart of Twinsun and grabbing the magic energy of the Sendells. Without the providential intervention of Twinsen who eliminated FunFrock, this demented project would have resulted in the implosion of the planet and the destruction of the Stellar Entity living in its center.

Twinsen had hardly practiced Magic since this "Day of Triumph", when Sendell eceptionally entrusted him with his inmense Power ..."


The book, missed many, serves as an introduction of the context, for those who haven't played the first game. Besides, the last phrase explains why Twinsen has to learn magic all over again.

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